Champion fiberglass is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass conduit and strut for the electrical and mechanical

markets. This conduit system is ul approved and csa listed for both above and below ground applications and offers

extreme corrosion resistance. they offer a complete line of fittings, elbows, conduit bodies and accessories. they have

also been approved for class i div 2 installations per the national electric code. Champion fiberglass is iso 9001: 2000

certified company. Champion also manufactures a complete line of phenolic conduit which is approved by nfpa 130 and

now is the number one choice for conduit in subways including tunnels and stations.

Manufacturer of LED Control Systems, DMX Drivers/Decoders, & LED Dimming Systems, Occupancy Sensors, Power

Repeaters, Wireless Controllers, Converters, Lighting Kits & Accessories UL/ETL Listed.

Control Products for HVAC, Building Controls, Lighting, By/Pass Shunt Relays, Wireless Enabled Devices, Specialty

Control Devices. Lighting control manufacturer of emergency lighting bypass relays, mechanical latching relays,

wireless wall switches, energy-saving half-light relays, closet light relays and power supplies.

Polymer Coated Galvanized Conduit & Fittings environmentally friendly. GAFCO Industries is Made in the USA.

All UL, ASTM, ISO listings.

Founded in 1983 LEDtronics has become an industry leader in LED lighting. with a product assortment having over

10,000 items they can meet your needs when it comes to LED lighting.T-8 replacement tubes, street lighting and

parking lot lighting up to 1000W, wall wash fixtures, post top and acorn lights, recessed can lighting,

58 different par bulbs, parking garage lighting, and literally thousands of indicator lights. Their experience in

this field is unequaled. iso 9001: 2008 certified and R0HS facility compliant. let us help you with your applications.

LED Lights/Fixtures. Made in USA, UL/ETL/DLC Listed. Replacement for Incandescent/MH/HPS/CFL.

Solid state motor and power controls. Manufacturer of solid-state temperature controllers and motor controls.

Ac controllers from 10A to 1200A single phase and three-phase both phase angle adjust and zero fired controls. Motor

controllers from 10 hp to 400 hp.

Control Cabinet Thermal Management Systems High Performance Filter Fans, Air-Air & Air-Water Heat Exchangers,

Air Conditioners, Heaters, Thermostats, Power Supply Components and Cabinet Accessories. An expert manufacturer of

reliable temperature management systems for control panels. with 45 years of history they offer filter fans, filter fan

trays, air-conditioning units for indoor and outdoor applications, dc air-conditioners, cabinet heaters, and a full line of

accessories including thermostats and cabinet lighting. all Seifert products are designed to support global markets and

meet international standards and are iso 9001: 2008. they are ul approved and csa listed.